Are you having a hard time getting students to attend and stay engaged during traditional 30 minute therapy? Are group therapy sessions leaving you feeling drained, ineffective and burned out?

The Burn Out Survey

Here are signs that group therapy is burning you out:

  • You spend too much time planning activities for a therapy group with mixed goals.

  • You waste a lot of time going around gathering students for their group session time.

  • During the therapy group you try so hard to target each kids' goal needs but still feel overstretched and undereffective in meeting their needs.

  • Your table is full of multiple activities to keeps kid busy while you try to give individual attention.

  • You dread that part of your schedule when you have more groups of pre-k-3rd graders.

  • You have been struggling with keeping students (especially younger students) engaged for 30 minute group sessions.

  • At the end of a 30 minute group therapy session you feel drained, head-achy, and ready to walk out forever.

It's the burn out for me because I have definitely been there in my 15+ years as a school SLP with prek-3rd grade. So many kids, so many needs, and so little time. I have left so many 30 minute group therapy sessions dazed and confused from the various attention levels and behaviors, wondering if the session was even effective for the kids.

You don't have to feel ineffective, drained, and stretched anymore. Here is a therapy model that can turn your school therapy up a BIT. This will help you create a BIT more freedom and flexibility in your scheduling and facilitate quite a BIT more results for your students.

  • Imagine decreasing the time needed for planning activities and time fillers.

  • Imagine lightening your caseload by discharging students faster.

  • Imagine having more freedom and flexibility to create a schedule that works better for teachers, students, and most of all, you!

  • Imagine leaving your speech therapy sessions feeling productive and efficient.....and no headache!

Let me introduce myself...

I am Kendra T Allison, an SLP with a BIT of experience in school, facility, and home therapy.

In working in the school system for 15+ years, doing traditional 30 minute group therapy seemed the only way to treat a caseload of 30-50 kids! After every group session I felt burned out and drained yet ineffective and inefficient until I discovered another way. After some testing and trialing, I created a brief individual therapy model that was every BIT efficient and effective in meeting my needs. I figured out how to present this new model to the rest of the IEP team. It was quite a BIT of a challenge sitting in those meetings convincing parents that changing their child's speech therapy time would be better. I figured out the best way to present my expertise and data and it worked! In tooting my own horn a BIT, I haven't had a parent refuse their child getting brief individual therapy yet. Plus the gains were quickly reflected in my student's progress and got them ready for discharge in a BIT.


A Game Changer

M Martin, school speech-language pathologist

Kendra Allison's program is a game changer. This is the most effective and beneficial program when scheduling and servicing a caseload of 50 plus students. Not only has it increased the communication between my teachers and parents, but has elevated and improved the carry-over of learned skills with my students. I will be implementing this program from here on out!

This program includes:

    1. Bit by B.I.T. a guide to brief individual therapy in school [e-book]

    2. Bit by B.I.t. cheatsheet [e-book]

    1. Self-assessment survey

About this course

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I love the program!

Special Education class teacher

I love the program you do with our self-contained students. I think the short sessions work well for the children because of their short attention span. All of the parents have commented on how much the kids are starting to talk more. One mom said since Christmas break her child has been talking more at home. Even our remote students benefit from your program. I especially like the way you incorporate each individual child's likes. Keep up your great work. Thank you! (Photo credit: Google images)

Bit by B.I.T. is for you if....

  • you are are a school SLP.

  • you want to decrease planning time for session activities.

  • you want to lighten your caseload by discharging students promptly after productive goal targeting with goals met.

  • you need to serve homebound/homeschool students appropriately within a daily schedule.

  • you feel burned out with doing traditional school group therapy.

  • you are nervous or anxious about how to propose new things to your IEP team.

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A student scenario

A 4th grade student annoyed at being pulled from class for speech asks “How long is speech gonna take? Never mind it’s only a 10 minutes” and sits down to get started. The student was ready to discharge from speech a few months later. (Photo credit: Google images)


  • How much time will it take for me to set up my own program?

    You could start using these strategies immediately to restructure your students' therapy. It will take as long as it takes for you to arrange IEP meetings to make the changes.

  • Will you show me how to use high-tech and fancy digital therapy materials?

    Will you show me how to use high-tech and fancy digital therapy materials? No, This program gives simple easy to use materials for activities.

  • Can this brief individual model be used with teletherapy?

    Yes, I have another webinar on setting up a teletherapy program using a brief individual therapy model.